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Iz Huysmans

Dave’s helped me out on many occasions over the last 12 years or so – his diagnosis was always spot on and treatment got me back to normal every time. I moved out of the UK recently so I’m waiting for him to do house calls in Italy now.

Katie Trippitt

Dave has been amazing with helping me to recover, not only physically but also mentally, from a bad fall off my horse last year. The support I have received throughout my rehab has been incredible and gave me the reassurance and confidence to get back to everything I used to do. He has astonishing knowledge and helps you understand exactly what is going on with your injury. Thanks for everything Dave, really appreciated.

Cathy Jarman

If you want the best treatment in this area David and his team are the ones to see. He and/or his staff have repaired my very sore and broken body on several occasions, the last time being in August after I have a bad fall. Not only did David release my twisted muscles he diagnosed the fracture in one of my vertebrae which was ignored/overlooked by the NHS. AND the best part is you are assured of having a good laugh – thank you David and team.