Shoulder mobilisation exercises

Dynamic Achilles stretching

Self Spinal Mobilisation

Another way of stretching the muscles which maybe impinging on the sciatic nerve causing pain.

Alternative way of stretching to relieve sciatic nerve pain

Athletic Pubalgia. A stretch following surgery.

How to tape a knee to correct patella misalignment

How to measure quadriceps circumference.

Exercises to regain balance and proprioception.

Torticollis or Ŵry neck

Crural muscle, concentric and eccentric exercise.

Neural flossing

Can the ITB band be stretched. Is it fact or fiction?

Releasing lateral hip rotators hypertonicity.

Releasing lateral hip rotators hypertonicity.

Active stretching of the deep flexor.

Quadriceps stretching.

Neural stretching.

Exercises for anterior knee pain

Dynamic hamstring stretching

Modified stirrup ankle strapping