Physiotherapist Profile

Anthony J Greenall Soft Tissue Practitioner

Assessment & Treatment, Sports Therapy & massage Team

Anthony began his career as a student at Lancaster and Morecambe College under the direction of David J Edge in the Sports Medicine Centre. He eventually was offered a position of trainee Sports Therapist and continued there until he had fully completed his qualifications.  He then worked within the centre assessing and treating clients who had injuries and conditions. After leaving college Anthony then went on to work in the National Health Service and at present is based at the Royal Lancaster infirmary.

He returned to work with his mentor in 2015 and is now an important and integral part of the Edgeway clinical team. Anthony has a special interest in back injuries and conditions and the way that soft issue techniques can help to alleviate the problems.

Working Hours

  • monday06:00-21:00
  • tuesday06:00-21:00
  • wednesday06:00-21:00
  • thursday06:00-21:00
  • friday06:00-21:00
  • saturday09:00-13:00
  • sunday09:00-13:00
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