What We Do

Edgeway Physiotherapy Consultancy is an innovative and progressive soft tissue and musculoskeletal clinic which prides itself in providing first-class treatments in a relaxed environment, to all its patients A unique feature of this clinic is that the therapists do not use any type of electrotherapy or traction modalities, unlike most other clinics, with all of the treatments provided by the use of the therapists’ hands or elbows.
The aim of all our treatments is to normalise the soft tissue which has become injured or has some other type of pathology. Soft tissue lesions are the cause of many painful conditions. Many people continually take pain medication to get through the day because of back pain, sciatic pain and neck or shoulder pain. In many cases, it's the soft tissue which is the underlying cause of the pain, so soft tissue treatments resolve the problem and make the pain medication redundant.
Bio-mechanical assessment and prescription of Fully Functional Orthotic Devices.
Home visits are available.

Assessment & Treatment
Functional Orthotic Prescription
Post-Operative Scar Treatment
Referral for x-rays an MRI scan
Prehabilitation & Rehabilitation


Help Videos

This video demonstrates how to work the crural muscles concentrically and eccentrically to increase the flexibility of muscle tissue. Essential for achilles tendinopothy.

Posted by Edgeway Physiotherapy Consultancy Ltd on Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Work the crural muscles

If you have sciatic pain or stiffness linked to discomfort across your lower back this stretching exercise will help to resolve the condition.

Posted by Edgeway Physiotherapy Consultancy Ltd on Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Lower back stretching

Exercise for anterior knee pain (chondromalacia patella). If your knee hurts going up or down stairs or when running up or down hills this is the exercise for you. It's designed to strengthen the transverse fibres of the Vastus medialis (tear drop muscles) one of the quadriceps.

Posted by Edgeway Physiotherapy Consultancy Ltd on Thursday, April 20, 2017

Exercise for anterior knee pain